LiberaForms, ethical form software

LiberaForms is a libre software tool developed as community, free, and ethical infrastructure that makes it easy to create and manage forms that respect the digital rights of the people who use it.

With LiberaForms you can browse, edit, and download the answers to your forms; include a checkbox to require Data protection law consent, collaborate with other users by sharing permissions; and much more!

Create an account

The following public and free instances of LiberaForms available to everyone. The functionalities of each are the same, choose the one that suits you best.

  • For a web address like, create your account here.
  • For a web address like, create your account here.

Install your own instance

LiberaForms is Libre culture published under the AGPLv3 license: use it, share it, improve it!

  • If you want to install your own LiberaForms, check out the code
  • We announce new versions of the software and other news on our blog