Here we list the different documentation available for the LiberaForms project.

Users' guide

If you want to start creating forms with LiberaForms or administering an instance, take a look at the users' guide.
LiberaForms Users' guide

Code repository

If you want to create and maintain your own instance on a server, check the instructions on the code repository.
Code repository of LiberaForms


At LiberaForms, we have agreed on a Social Contract and a Code of Conduct. If you want to get involved in the project, you will have to read and agree on the content of these two documents.

Other documents

Other public documentation of LiberaForms, such as graphic documents, is available in the Arxius Oberts instance of the association LaLoka, the promoter of the LiberaForms project.
Arxius Oberts of LiberaForms